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Pivotal encounters generating growth and new business opportunities.

Trade fairs as marketing tools — why invest?

One personal experience is more valuable than a hundred sales pitches. At a trade fair, you can reach thousands of potentially interested customers in just a few days. You will have the opportunity to get to know several new customers and partners. You can present and demonstrate your products and solutions face to face, collecting feedback and leads.

As the world turns ever more digital, the importance of face to face meetings is emphasized even more. Genuine encounters are for experts to network, get inspired, do business, and develop their industries. The future can only be built together.

As a medium, trade fairs are the most


  • The visitor is interested in the sector and the products and services offered by
    your company.
  • It is possible to meet thousands of potential customers at one time.
  • The visitors will buy products. An event will increase awareness of the products or services offered by your company.

the most social

  • Trade fairs are genuinely the most social medium, because you are meeting face to face.
  • Encounters are the best at grounding in the here and now, ensuring that attention is focused on what matters.
  • Interaction is emphasized and your message will be the clearest when delivered face to face.

the most experienceable

  • The visitors will take in information about your products and services with all of their senses.
  • The visitors are looking for new information about the sector and its products and services. They will meet old and new colleagues.
  • Encounters are the best way of gaining attention and generating trust with your customers.

Oletpa kokenut konkari etsimässä uusia ideoita tai ensikertaa messuosallistumista suunnittelemassa, autamme mielellämme. Alla kootusti hyviä vinkkejä ja valmennuksia.

How do I plan a successful trade fair?

Successful trade fair participation is based on good planning. What are your goals and available resources? Will you be selling on site, collecting leads, looking for partners — who do you want to reach at the fair? Make efficient use of trade fairs as part of your marketing even before the event, and make sure to carry out successful aftermarketing too.

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