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Expomark news

Here you find the latest news, press releases and current information of Expomark. We also share the news of our events.

5 June 2023

2023 trade fairs have started well

Trade fairs have been succesful this year. After a brake (by covid) people have gathered to network, see the newest solutions and make business, face-to-face.

Proforest opened Expomark’s year of trade fairs in May. The sunny Kalajoki airfield filled up with the newest machinery, technologies and solutions of forestry. Proforest gathered nearly 4700 visitors and over 180 exhibitors. The most centric event of the forestry will be arranged again in 2025.


Proforest 2023 messuvieraita tutustumassa metsäkoneisiin. Kuva: Vesa Rönty / Visit Kalajoki


Northern Industry and Energy fair are rescheduled from this fall

Covid19 pandemia has infected to many businesses, including events. Northern Industry and Energy fair are both postponed. Northern Industry will be arranged 2-3 June 2021 in Oulu and Energy fair will be in the fall 2022 in Tampere.

“The decisions were made in good co-operation with the exhibitors and partners. The heart of our events is to gather all the essential companies, professionals and actors of the field. To ensure the success of the events, rescheluding was the right decision, so everyone has the possibility to participate,” says Tomi Niemi, Managing director of Expomark.

Northern Industry Event to reschedule to June 2021

Energy 2020 Event is rescheduled to fall 2022