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Exhibitor's guide

Successful trade fair attendance starts from planning. Check some tips:

Succeed at fairs

Expomarkin eShop online service

eShop is Expomark’s online service for exhibitors. At our eShop, you can book a trade fair place, place orders and manage practical matters related to your trade fair attendance.

Registration and logging in to the service

First of all, register as a user, if you do not already have a username and password for the service. After registering, you can log in to the service, place orders and manage your trade fair attendance.

The username for eShop is your email and you can create your own password. If you have lost or forgotten your password, you can order a new password using the Forgot Password link.

Using the service without login

You can check out the trade fair offering, stand solutions, services and pricelist freely without logging in. You and also buy a trade fair attendance without logging in.

Management of My Orders

Log in to the eShop and select the desired event on the My Registrations page. You will access to the event workspace. Orders related to your stand are listed on the My Stand Data page.

Stand planning

Successful trade fair attendance starts from planning. At a trade fair, you can meet face to face exactly the correct target group during just a few days. Attendance planning starts from defining the targets, your main themes at the event, your target group, your message, and what happens at your stand. It is useful to design the actual space based on the activities at the stand and what happens there.

Below you can find basic information for the technical implementation of the stand.

General information on stand constructions

At events organised by Expomark, stands must have constructions that delimit the area towards neighbouring stands, unless otherwise instructed for a specific event. The stand must be tidy in all directions to provide a clean look towards the public. It is not allowed to use the walls of a neighbouring stand to fasten decorations or posters or support your own constructions to them.

The standard height of stand constructions is 250 cm. For higher constructions, an extra fee is charged in many events for additional visibility. Platforms and suspended ceiling decorations increase the attractiveness of the stand.
Expomark has an expert construction partner in each event. Via Expomark, you can buy easy ready-made construction packages or place separate orders with trade fair constructors for your stand planning.

For fire safety reasons, it is not allowed to use areas between the stands and between the stand back wall and hall wall for storing items. If you need storage space, it is possible to create one at your stand, or you can request a separate storage place for your items for the duration of the event if they are not needed at the stand.

Stand decorations

You can decorate your stand in many different ways using prints, tapes, banners, upholstery, carpets, greenery, etc. Check out the offering of Expomark’s service partners! Furniture can be rented from our construction partner or you can bring your own furniture.

All items placed in the stand, moving elements projected on the walls or the ceiling and brochure or product sample distribution must remain within the borders of your own stand. Gas balloons are not allowed in all venues: remember to confirm this in advance!

Decorations suspended from the hall ceiling

Suspended decorations must be ordered from Expomark’s service partner. Suspension of decorations in all halls is assigned to one company. Request further details and instructions applicable in each event.

Rent for an additional advertising space for structures and decorations with a height exceeding 250 cm

All constructions exceeding the standard height of 2.5 metres must be located at a distance of 2 metres or more from the neighbouring stand. Any deviations from this are possible only with an agreement (preferably written) with the neighbouring stand. This regulation does not apply to exhibits.

In some events, a rent is charged for an additional advertising space. All constructions and decorations that exceed the standard height of 2.5 metres are counted as additional advertising space. Please check the rent for additional advertising space charged in the event you are attending.

Communication and Wi-Fi

Check the availability of network connections in the event information sheets. Practices vary between event locations. Open wireless networks are not available in all locations; however, an active network connection will be arranged for each event.

AV services and illumination

Expomark’s service partner provides expert service for the necessary AV equipment and illumination. Displays, audio systems, various presentation technologies and screens, for instance, are available for stands. In addition, you can increase the attractiveness of your stand with illumination, for which there are different solutions. Request further information from the AV partner of the event.


Electricity connections are always ordered from the service partner of the event; each event has only one supplier for electrical works. In many cases, a basic electricity connection is included in the Trade Fair Start price. Check that the required electricity connection is included in your order. If you need night-time electricity for technical equipment or a fridge, for example, remember to order on outlet with 24h power so that the supply is not switched off during the night. If you need electricity after the event, inform us in advance.

Electricity is connected to each stand according to the order and installation drawing. More detailed information on the ordering of electricity connections is provided in event-specific instructions.


A floor drain must be available at your stand or near it for water, drainage and compressed air connections. If you need HVAC connections, indicate it already when reserving your stand place. The location and availability of floor drains vary in each hall. Expomark has a specific HVAC partner for events and all HVAC works are carried out by this partner.

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Services during construction, event period and dismantling

Deliveries to the stand

Advance deliveries to the event venue are possible for a limited time only. Check the possible delivery times and the correct delivery address in the event-specific instructions.

When you deliver items to your stand using your own transport company, forwarder or courier service, a person should be present at the stand to acknowledge receipt. The personnel of the Organiser or the event venue cannot acknowledge receipt on your behalf.

In many cases, deliveries can also be agreed with the logistics partner of the event.

During the mounting time, items can be delivered directly to the stand via service doors that are kept open. During the mounting time, access to the event area is only allowed with a constructor or exhibitor card.

Access and ID cards

Stand mounting, dismounting and service times as well as available service doors are indicated in event-specific instructions. To enter the event area, an access card, constructor card or exhibitor card is required at all times.

The contact person of the company can send access cards by email or SMS to those who need them. The owner of the access card can print his/her access card already in advance or in the Trade Fair Office in the event venue.

Services during the event

The Trade Fair Office serves exhibitors in all Expomark’s events. Opening hours and contact data can be found in event-specific instructions.

Event venues always have a partner restaurant who sells lunch and coffee tickets already in advance, as well as any catering required at exhibitors’ own stands.

In many event venues, there is also a breakroom or clubroom for exhibitors; this is a peaceful place where you can take a cup of coffee or read your daily emails, etc.

Cleaning, electricity, mounting and other services are described under Stand Planning and detailed information is always provided about these services in event-specific instructions.


Dismantling always starts only after the end of the event. The penalty, where applicable, for dismantling before the end time is indicated in the terms of participation of the event. The dismantling schedule and further information can be found in the event instructions. Generally, the dismantling time is within the period that ends on the following day in the evening. Any deliveries must be agreed in advance. The possibility for picking up items later depends on the event venue; remember to check this in advance.

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Permits and safety during the event

Permits and safety

The following activities during the trade fair require a permit from either an authority or the event organiser. Check the instructions for each event.

Serving alcoholic beverages at the stand

According to the Finnish Alcohol Act, selling and serving alcoholic beverages is always subject to licence and supervised by authorities. Serving of alcoholic beverages requires a serving licence from the regional administrative authority. At Expomark’s events, the restaurant operator designated for the event has the serving rights. Bringing alcoholic beverages of one’s own or sponsored drinks to a trade fair is forbidden according to the Alcohol Act.

Selling or serving food at the stand

Serving food and offering food tasting as well as selling packaged food at a trade fair stand is allowed. For each event, check with the customer service for possible limits related to serving food. Selling food products must not compete with the products of restaurant partners. Coffee can be served but not sold at stands.

When serving or selling your own food at your stand, notify the ELY Centre (Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment) of the location concerned well before the trade fair. If you only distribute small amounts of sweets, potato crisps or coffee, a notification is not necessary.


Handing out gas balloons is not allowed in all event venues. Normal air filled balloons attached to a stick are allowed. Please check the possibility of using gas balloons in advance during the planning stage.

Obligation to give a receipt

Exhibitors must give a receipt when the customer pays cash or with a payment card. The receipt can be printed, manually written or electronic. >>

Playing music, showing films and similar at the stand

Music must not disturb work at neighbouring stands. The maximum volume is 75 dB. Pay attention to any event-specific limits.

The Exhibitor is responsible for the appropriate prior inspection (including age limits) of films, videos, other visual programmes and recordings before their public performance, as well as for licences and fees required by the copyright law regarding musical and other performances at their stand.

Expomark pays Teosto (copyright organisation for music creators, composers, and publishers) and Gramex fees on behalf of exhibitors at its events. Performers of live music must provide a list of compositions and their authors to Teosto and pay compensations required by Teosto. Remind your performers of this.

More information on performance licences>>

Work performance

If you arrange work performances at your stand, the work performance area must be supervised and have clearly defined boundaries. If the work performance includes hot work and creates a risk of fire, the work performance area must meet the requirements of a permanent hot work location. Always consult Expomark’s personnel in advance regarding arrangement of work performances. It is good to take account of this already in the planning stage as work performances often have an effect on the stand location.

Storage of dangerous goods

Handling and storage of dangerous goods at stands always requires an appropriate permit. Consult Expomark’s personnel regarding event-specific instructions.


Expomark is responsible for the general safety of the trade fair, such as access control and customer safety. We check the safety of each event before the start of the event and work in close collaboration with authorities. Our liability insurance covers damage caused to a third party by actions of Expomark’s personnel, equipment and buildings.

As our customer, you are responsible for the safety of your own stand, products and stand constructions. The trade fair constructor is responsible for the safety of construction in the stands constructed by them regarding both material and personal damage. Safety can be easily improved with small selections. Make sure your insurance policies are in order. Do not leave valuable items visible at the end of a trade fair day. The risk of thefts is particularly high during the first minutes after the event closing. Consider whether you need additional equipment, such as glass display cabinets, locking systems, safety cables, guarding or storage places.

Please note that the trade fair area is not a safe place for children during mounting and dismounting times.

In the event of an accident or damage:
• Inform the Trade Fair Office immediately of the accident of damage
• Prevent further damage
• In the event of theft, burglary or vandalism, report the incident to the police
• Send a damage report to the insurance company

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