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We will conjure a setting for your pivotal encounters

Expomark is a visionary actualiser of trade fairs and professional events

We are building the future of the health and industrial sectors by bringing together their most important businesses, experts, and actors. We will bring these essential professional events and trade fairs near you — all over Finland.

Our speciality is to conjure everything that is needed for such events and trade fairs. We will get the ball rolling and raise the roof, so that you will have all the opportunities for pivotal encounters.

We develop our operations in a systematic way in order to be able to guarantee even more successful encounters for you.

Our vision is crystal clear and our experience solid, having been accumulated over a period of more than thirty years.

Our story

Since 1988, Expomark has aimed at bringing industry and health sector professionals together at trade fairs and events to develop a better future for their sectors. With these top actors, we will provide a setting for pivotal encounters during which solutions promoting Finnish business are built. We plan all of our top events together with the relevant associations and experts in the sector.

Cooperation, growth, and development

Our partnership with the founding members, the Finnish Maintenance Society Promaint and the Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities, has been close throughout the years. We still organise maintenance events with Promaint and equipment fairs with the Association of People with Physical Disabilities. Expomark has been a member of the Finnish Fair Corporation since 2005.

In the early 1990s, the facility service and equipment fair was joined by the Energiamessut energy fair, the Pohjoinen Teollisuus — Northern Industry Days fair, and the Hyvä Ikä — Ageing and Wellness fair. Known as Pote for short, the Pohjoinen Teollisuus — Northern Industry Days fair is the only event in the Expomark repertoire which is focused on a region instead of an industry sector. The most recent comers are the Fysioterapia & Kuntoutus — Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation event, which debuted in 2018, and the Proforest fair scheduled for May 2021.

Industries, the health sector, and trade fairs have all undergone dramatic changes in the last thirty years. Technology, automation, robotics, digitalisation, big data, and changing attitudes and values have revolutionised all operating environments. People’s need to meet each other and develop the future has however not gone anywhere. During inspirational encounters, people still get excited about their own sector and about the chance to meet their colleagues and customers. This is why we want to offer pivotal encounters.

Events throughout Finland

Our events have been organised all over Finland in places where it is easy for people to come. Our current main events are held in Helsinki, Oulu, Tampere, and Kalajoki. Our efficient team, some ten people strong, produces all of the events at our offices in Jyväskylä. We produce 6 to 8 significant events in total, which are all organised once every three years. The people of Expomark are united by their sincere passion for important issues in the industrial and health sectors. We feel that promoting them means a lot, and that these sectors have indeed earned their successful events.

Our mission

We promote the business of Finnish health and industry sectors by facilitating successful encounters.

Our values

Strength in numbers

  • Only by cooperation can we make successful events come true
  • Together we are more and able to renew boldly
  • A team brings joy and mutual well-being


  • We listen to our networks and pick up quiet signals
  • We help our customers to develop their (business) operations
  • We are building a better future together


  • We treat everyone equally
  • We take into account the lifecycle impacts of our events
  • We know our responsibility and promote environmentally sustainable solutions

We are a subsidiary of the Finnish Fair Corporation.
The numbers for all of our trade fair events are checked by MediaAudit Finland.

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