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Revolutionary encounters that create a better future

Expomark is a visionary actualiser of trade fairs and professional events

We are building the future of the health and industrial sectors by bringing together their most important businesses, experts, and actors. We will set up these essential professional events and trade fairs near you — all over Finland.

As the world turns ever more digital, the importance of face to face meetings is emphasized even more. Genuine encounters are for experts to network, get inspired, do business, and develop their industries. The future can only be built together.

Our speciality is to conjure everything that is needed for such events and trade fairs. We will get the ball rolling and raise the roof, so that you will have all the opportunities for pivotal encounters. Read more about what Expomark does best.

Read more about what Expomark does best.

Industrial events


12 – 13 May 2023, Kalajoki

Northern Industry event

Pohjoinen teollisuus
Northern Industry
22 – 23 May 2024, Oulu

Energy fair

Energy 2024
22 – 24 October 2024, Tampere

Health care events


Apuväline 2023
Assistive technology
9 – 11 Nov 2023, Tampere

Hyvä Ikä - Good Age fair

Hyvä Ikä
Good Age
2 – 3 October 2024, Helsinki

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Fysioterapia & Kuntoutus
Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation
2 – 3 October 2024, Helsinki

The value of encounters remains high even in the era of digitalisation. The atmosphere and exciting conversations of events are at their best when you are there, face to face. Digitalisation is strongly incorporated at events too, being a natural component alongside experience and humanity.

Expomark brings together the experts, insights, and solutions of various industry sectors. What could be a more effective way of networking and getting to know the latest
developments in your sector than a trade fair event? When thousands of visitors and
hundreds of exhibitors meet, something new is always born — including contacts, ideas,
cooperation, and business.

Welcome to the top encounters of the sectors!
Tomi Niemi, Expomark
Tomi Niemi
Managing Director

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